What is A Bail Bond?

bail-bondsmanDo you want to bail one of your family members or someone you know out of jail? Do you have several questions in your mind regarding what is bail bond? Bail bond is also known as ‘surety bond’ is a legally binding contract posted by state licensed bond agent while A bail is an amount of cash or surety bond for the purpose of making sure that a particular person meets all the attendance requirement in court. Bail permits a person under arrest to be released from jail until his or her case is fully decided… The bondsman act as guarantee and serves a promise that the defendant will appear in all the court proceedings on scheduled time related to the charges filed against him. In case, the accused fails to appear in court, bail agent acts as surety and pays the full amount of bond to the court.

A person who is arrested for serious offenses except murder and violent offenses are put in jail unless they can pay bail. The bail process involves paying a set amount of money to obtain release from police custody after booking. The purpose of the bail system is to guarantee that the arrestee will show up in court despite being released from jail. If the arrestee shows up in court on all his or her trials, he or she will be able to get a refund of his or her bail fees.

getting-arrested-and-posting-bailBail is usually determined by a judge during the arrestee’s first presence in court. The judge will make a bail decision and determine the amount of bail and the bail schedule. The monetary amount will be based on the arrestee’s criminal record, the arrestee’s ties to the community, employment, and family, the seriousness of the crime, and the danger that the suspect’s release may result to the community. If the arrestee cannot afford the full cash of the bail, he or she can post a bail bond in lieu of the full amount. A bond is a kind of written promise that the full bail amount will be paid in the event that the suspect fails to appear in court as agreed. The bail bond is usually acquired through a bail bonds agency. The bail bond agency usually charges a fee in exchange for posting the bail bond. The agency will even demand some form of collateral since they are responsible if the suspect fails to appear in court.

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